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How to insert h2, h3, h4 in the editor without html perms?


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What am I missing here ?

I never cared about this h2, h3 thing til I started to deal with blogs in different communities.  Now a few bloggers have asked me the ability to add h2 and h3 titles in the editor, but I can't find the option, unless I grant them html privileges in the editor?

Is this something we have all forgotten? Even wordpress has the option to insert a h3 line and others, in the editor. I don't think the website could be vulnerable if we allow users to use those tags, right?

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Don't think there's a need for that when there's an option to change the font size.



EDIT: Or you can add this is a new editor button in the ACP. Customization > Toolbar (Under Editor) > "Add Button" button on top > Custom. Type = Single Line Block, then add "<h1>{content}</h1>" in the HTML box.

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I use the official plugin Format which works great, especially handy for SEO in Pages articles and Custom Rich Text blocks. 



For IPS v4.4.3 be sure to download the correct version from the bottom of the page which is currently v4.11.4.

Then upload the .zip file into AdminCP via Editor - Toolbars - Add Button.



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