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Redirect back to the page after login


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Hi, I wanted to ask, is there any default method in IPS suite that redirect back to the page after login from where we click login. Suppose I have a page that need login so i display a message there 'please login first to access this page', so after click on login , login page will be open and after login i should redirect back to the page.

Please guide me, if IPS suite already have this feature, if yes then how to do it?

like mydomain.com/forum/login?redirectTo=mypage



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14 minutes ago, bfarber said:

You can pass the URL base64-encoded as the ref parameter, however note that by default only internal URLs are allowed (i.e. only a URL within the Invision Community software will be honored, anything else will be ignored).

Thanks for quick reply, I need external url for angular pages. And is the ref parameter name that we need to pass and where?

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