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Bug in guest signup widget?

Black Tiger

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I put a guest signup widget on my forums.

I entered text in it so it looks nice. After that I put this widget on several parts of the site like for example forums, downloads and videos.

Today by accident I removed the widget from the "forums". The widget is still present with Downlaods and Videos.
But when I wanted to put back the block in Forums the title and text etc. was all gone, empty.

So I thought I could copy of the text from the widget in the one present in the Downloads section. Unfortunately it's gone there too, als in videos. All content of the guest sigup widget is gone.

I had a look in the database backup I made, and there the text is present. But why was all text removed out of all of the blocks then? Is this a bug?

Also a question, is there a way to restore only the guest signup widget text from the database to the board?
Or is the only way to restore the complete database or to type over the text from the database?

I think I will copy and paste the text, but this should not have happened since there were other guest signup widgets present, correct?

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Hmmz... that's odd.

I tried to reproduce it and now I can't reproduce it anymore. Well... hopefully it won't happen again.

It's weird though. I only clicked the little cross to remove it from Forums and then the text and title was gone from every guest signup widget.

Let's hope it will stay good now. 🙂

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