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49 minutes ago, Xenos 1337 said:


first i want to say that the design looks really nice. But i got a small problem. How can i make it look like in the preview of you?



My Forum:



The fields are missing and the text is off 😕


1.First install general statistics for stats.

2.Put the second block who's online

3.Check for updates for who was online!


If you doesn't know how to let me your forum in privat!

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- Resolved statistics for forums with password protection, now looks perfect


- Resolved IpsLayout_Minimal, now it's gone, not anymore 1000px;

- Added borders for forum avatars, customizable from Acp


- Added posibility in ACP to remove topic starter if you dont like it or if you have a plugin

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2.2 ( From now, because archive is to large to be uploaded, if you want all PSD files just send me a pm )

Summer Update ( customizable from acp - section Summer ), wich include:

- Changed forum header 


- Changed forum icons


- Changed Section Title Icon and background


- Changed Sidebar Title background


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I checked the code, and i didnt see a problem, check your sidebar widgets, maybe one of them is not correctly set.

On 7/22/2019 at 12:24 AM, Avariel said:

I mean you can scroll through the width on mobile phones


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1 hour ago, Pete T said:

You need check own web site the issue there clear as day.



I didn't understand what he want, i resolved that problem! 🙄

2.3 ( From now, because archive is to large to be uploaded, if you want all PSD files just send me a pm )

- Resolved width of forum, now it's stable!

- Resolved background for unaproved content!


@Avariel Check now!

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