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  1. is there any way i can just download this and do the update manually?
  2. seems like new beta update from Invision breaks CSS on this
  3. i am still having the same issue
  4. this isnt working for me at all. ive reloaded, uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache..
  5. in mobile view, user name and info is missing. the only thing that is there is a small green or red icon. i have to rotate my phone to see this info.
  6. So the only option right now is the manually delete threads? I thought this was supposed to be an upgrade.
  7. Another often used feature removed from IPB4. Not happy with this "upgrade" thusfar
  8. Is there any way to make a block that will show which users are in a specific forum and thread at a given time. This functionality was in IPB3 and is gone for some reason.
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