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Hiding of individual attachments


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We've just come over from vBulletin. Although Invision is definitely better – and much better supported, it's a shame to lose some of the functionality of vBulletin. There were some good ideas there.

We have a forum where people upload lots of sensitive information. We encourage everybody to redact their documents first – but of course many people forget to do it or don't know how to do it. Therefore with vBulletin we were able to hide the attachment. – One click and it was very easy.

There is no such functionality on Invision. You either have to do go to the trouble of removing the entire document or hiding the entire post.

So, would anybody like to do a little plug-in to allow site team to hide attachments.


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Hi, welcome to Invision Community and congrats on the migration.  

There's an existing mod in the Marketplace for Hide Attachments.  

If that doesn't suit your purpose, you can cross post your idea in Customizations forum.  

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