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Convert tool finished but nothing is shown


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2 minutes ago, canalcripto said:

Hi, i finish a conversion from Vb4.2



But when i enter to my forum only the test forum and message is shown.

If i go to database i see the converted post/topics/members etc.

What i have to do?

do you see the the forums in Admin CP - Community - Forums


In there should see the category and forums if not then the conversion hit a issue, if see here then permission need to be fixed. 

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26 minutes ago, canalcripto said:

Yes, i think is some post, maybe with special characters on title?

Many thanks for your help.


Another question, the joined date from users is not converted, its normal? There is a solution?

Very sure joined date should be there but not 100% sure maybe submit ticket to client area see is one staff members could help, note due to weekend will be Monday/Tuesday before reply could come.

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