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301 redirects when moving domain


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Moving an IPBoard, as an example, from:

invisioncommunitysite.com (older IPBoard version)
site.com/invision (newer recently upgraded IPBoard version)

I would like any old URL on the former to be taken to the index of the new latter location (many URLs/pages have changed, so like for like is not practical).

I am getting lost in all the different 301 permanent codes there are!
Could someone perhaps advise what would be the best bit of 301 redirect code to use here, to order mimimise any lost google juice etc and point to the new location.

Thank you very much

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Thank you.

Trying to answer the question.... first of all I know what domain name is but what is 'host address'?  

Badsically, the old IPBoard will go from being basically the website on one domain name, to being located within the folder of (another more established) domain name.

Just to be clear, does the above sent any URL within the old domain to the main index of the new site?


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