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Indicating changed language strings


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It seems to be a rare event but sometimes a language string gets changed. That's not necessarily good for those of us who use or provide translations. I've noticed in the past that these might be because of changes in functionality or layout and absolutely understand that no bit of text should be sacrosanct.

The problem is that we might never notice. I know I've noticed in the past when searching for something that other results can sometimes have wildly different translations from the original text. I would never have known were it not for a chance discovery.

Sometimes it's much easier; here's one from the past hour that I've noticed:



That was probably changed long ago. (I have a slight recollection of having caught site of the first example whilst searching something else in the past, which is why that translation has been changed.)

It would be helpful if there were some kind of tool which could help us to pick up instances where the default language string was changed between versions, much as the theme differences tool helps with templates and CSS.

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