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Outside website login using IPBoard user/pass after upgrade

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Currently we use IPBoard 3.2.2.

Hopefully upgrading to the latest version!

The one thing that is holding us back is that currently the members of our 3.2.2 forum can login to our main (separate) website member area using their IPBoard username/password.

I have been told that once we upgrade IPBoard to the latest version, that login data is different and so that system may get "broken". 

Can anyone confirm that, and perhaps indicate what might need adjusting to fix it (on our "other website" member area)?  (And if that is a simple fix or something more complex etc).

Thank you very much


Sorry I posted in the pre-sales after this, it is perhaps more appropriate. Thanks

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It depends on what you are using at present to connect these, as to what work would be involved to get the connection back up and running. Take a look through the following guides which may help you in deciding what you need to do in order to achieve your current connection. If you can provide more information as to what you are using to connect these at present, then we may be able to provide more information on which is the most appropriate.

In addition to the below, there is also OAuth that can be set up directly from within the ACP, if your site is currently able to use an OAuth connection for login



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