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Start New Topic with a Step by Step Assistant


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This is just an idea I had while talking to a friend about my new project. I explain it in case someone wants to make the widget .. I'm not particularly interested, but I think it's a worthy feature and I should share it. It could be profitable, but also very useful to many many communities. Specially those that need to focus on new users immersion.  I don't recall something similar on the marketplace.


The idea is to replace the "Start a New Topic" button in the forum section (on top) with a different button. For example: "New Topic Assistant"
Imagine you can create a 2 or 3 step processes with questions and depending on the answers, the system would automatically start a new topic (or even reply) in the right forum or subforum.

Imagine you are a new forum member and click on the "New Topic Assistant". 
A modal window appears:  "What do you want to do?"  with 3 options in a combo box:   1. Start New Chit chat message.  2. Ask a for help about something.  3. I want to introduce myself to the community. 

If user selects 1. -- the system starts a new topic in Forum A
If users selects 2. - - the system starts a new topic in Forum B
If user selects 3 - the system could start a new reply in Topic X

So far with these options included, the widget would be helpful, but it could even more helpful with a custom second level.
Imagine (in the example) that users selects option 2 "Ask for help about something". Then another combo box could appear on the modal window.   1. Help about PC  2. Help about Mac  3. Help About Android 4 help about IOS

If user selects 1.  - the system would start a new topic in Forum "PC"
if user selects 2. the system would start a new topic in Forum "Mac"
If user selects 3, the system would start a new topic in Forum "Android" . .. . you get the idea, don't you ?


The widget complexity would focus on the adminCP. The key of this widget is the flexibility to adapt to all communities. 
And of course, many more options could be added in the future, for example, starting a new blog, starting a new record, starting a new file etc.. 

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