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  1. Hi, it is possible to modify the user registration date? let's say backdate the actual registration date? Thank you
  2. Hello, I would like to ask if there is a configuration on the ACP that will change the "Notify me of replies" to yes by default? Many new or even old members forget or doesn't notice to tick the box before they post a topic, then obviously without notification is like there is no replays even if there is. So i would like that everyone will get notified ( notification only by default ) when they make a post or a comment. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
    Works perfect, Great app Thank you
  3. Don't think this gonna happen as Reddit and IPS are let's say kind of a same business aspects but with different targets? Reddit have been build for that reason while IPS have been build for selling their product. Anyone can correct me if I am wrong
  4. to early to be honest, in top of the lump sum there will be additional costs for updates etc, but.. as i said once I have them ready, we will decide
  5. Took me a few years to decide, after being with VB having the full licence with apps, but it didn't worked well as I cannot compare with IPB in any way. so here we go, we have decided taht we need to pay for apps 🙂
  6. It will include all IPB apps ONLY, ETA ? probably by end of Feb. i should have a preview
    Does exactly as described and works good on 4.3.6, Thanks for sharing this.
  7. We looking to get the native apps for our projects which in theory so far cost about $4800 and is still building up. Once we will have the apps demo ( Android & IOS ) we may sell them here, if enough interest.
  8. Hi Zayed, i have added the code but on mobile view it's still there. any advice? Thank you
  9. Thank you. Congrats. for this brilliant plugin, wondering if there is an option to make this *Required and i have missed? if not can be added on the next update? Many thanks
  10. Hi Adriano, nice plugin, I have looked to change the name "Group" in the signup page at he translation but couldn't find it? would please advise how to rename it? Many thanks
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