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Excessive Resource Usage

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Hi there,

Since migrating to a new server I've been getting a whole bunch of these warnings very often and need to do something about it. Instead of ignoring the warnings in CSF I thought I'd try to optimise my website and see if that helps as I thought the memory usage was very high.

I'm currently using Litespeed (latest version) and using Memcached for caching with MySQL Database for storage method. My VPS is running with 12GB of RAM so not about to run out any time soon but using 452MB of RAM to load a website seems quite huge.

This is my warning email:

Time:         Sat Dec 29 21:20:17 2018 +0000
Account:      #######
Resource:     Virtual Memory Size
Exceeded:     452 > 200 (MB)
Executable:   /opt/cpanel/ea-php71/root/usr/bin/lsphp
Command Line: lsphp:/home/#######/public_html/index.php
PID:          6175 (Parent PID:4165)
Killed:       No

Any pointers would be great, thanks for reading and have a great New Year :)

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Without more information it's hard to identify the cause of the resource usage here, but there are some notable things that can cause this.

I would say the most likely culprit would be large image uploads, particularly if you're using GD on your server. Compressing/resizing large images can eat up a large amount of memory.

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It would only be when members are uploading images, so if you're seeing it outside of times where that would be a possible culprit the memory usage might be associated with something else.

There might also be a background task or something eating up memory.

How frequent are these warnings? Every hour, less/more frequent than that?

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Yeah it would be difficult. I was receiving quite a few messages then realised the techs that migrated my account didn't install Litespeed, I thought perhaps it would fix the issue but it has made it worse so I don't think it is a Litespeed issue but it doesn't play well with Litespeed.

I'll keep looking into this. Thanks for your help @Makoto :)

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