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Thanks Only In First Post


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Good Morning! I would like to leave the "Thanks" button (Reactions) only in the first post of each topic and link the amount of thanks to the IPS4 invitation system. How could I do that?

Thank you!


Bom dia! Eu gostaria de deixar o botão "Thanks" (Reactions) apenas no primeiro post de cada tópico e atrelar a quantidade de agradecimentos ao sistema de convites do IPS4. Como eu poderia fazer isso? 


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I Hope you fine. Don't have this option, you need to request a custom plugin for this or make a suggestion to IPS Staff. You only can turn ON or OFF the reactions by forum, but not on comments.

I tried with css, "worked" but not perfect.

article#elComment_2000 .ipsReact.ipsPos_right {
    display: none;

elComment_2000 is the number of COMMENT. To the 'next' reply, i need to set 2001 etc etc. If your theme have a different CLASS for the comment area, maybe work fine.

// Também falo português, se não ficou claro minha explicação. Mas basicamente se definir uma classe personalizada para as reações dos comentários, dá para esconder com CSS.

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