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Download Club Membership List as Excel/CSV

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I raised this suggestion as well to IPS since my club leader requested it.  He's used to communicating by email with his members and in his prior group, he saw all email addresses.  

As admin of the community though, I have some serious reservations about mass disclosing email.  The email is provided to the community, not to the club leader.  We have terms of use that govern personally identifiable information, but the club does not.  

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We don't want to expose email addresses to our users. Our need is as follows: we are actually moving people from ancient listservs to our community with Invision. So we need an easy way to see who joined their club, and who has not so we can target invitations.

Also, it would be good to be able to send a bulk email from the AdminCP to just a particular club.

I have setup some groups - but there are a limited number of groups we can realistically create - clubs are a much better way for us to identify particular cohorts 🙂


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