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  1. Thank you! The ability to re-order tabs in Clubs has requested frequently by our club leaders. This is very exciting - not a 'micro' feature at all 🙂
  2. The current palate of color background choices for announcements is very limiting! It would be great to be able to select any color via HEX code and/or being able to manually set category names and colors.
  3. It would be great to have an option in the AdminCP "Download Member List" to filter by club memberships. We anticipate that some of our clubs could end up with 100s, possibly over 1000 members, in the next year or two ... and being able to download just the individuals from a particular club would be extremely useful! Thanks for considering this idea 🙂
  4. I ran into an interesting situation this week, which leads me to this suggestion: An option in "Bulk Mail" to exclude individuals who have registered for the community, but have not been validated as a member. Our community requires registration and login before any content can be accessed. We sent out a bulk email to remind members to complete a part of their user profile, and that email also went out to individuals who had registered to be part of the community, but had not been approved for membership. That created a minor issue with some of those folks believing they had been approved, but then obviously and correctly, could not log in.
  5. Yes, that would make more sense. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Right ... but I assume one needs to go back to each club to indicate the custom field selection per club? Will the clubs still be visible prior to going back and filling that in? Not really. We have 'congregational leadership' clubs (board, strategic planning committees, etc.), international cohort clubs (synagogue presidents from across North America, for example), and specialty clubs. The congregations are obviously location based, but that is not how users would search or filter for what they are looking for.
  7. @bfarber I thought so based on the thread, but actually was not entirely clear that users would be able to filter from the front end, so I very much appreciate the clarification! @Joel R It's a good point, and I agree (and believe I posted a suggestion in "Feedback and Ideas" some time ago) that nested categories such as I take advantage of on our forums and files pages, would be a far superior solution. The challenge for us is that over the next 1-2 years, we have the potential of having 100s of clubs setup by leadership teams of the institutions we serve, and I need a way of sorting out 'our' different types of clubs and also those of our constituent organizations. I am not sure I will take advantage of the custom fields, but just wanted to make sure I understood the functionality before diving too deeply in. Another question then: I already have about 30 clubs. If I add a required "custom field" now, what happens to the clubs I already created? Will I need to add a custom field to those clubs for them to even display (or will users get an error message)? How would those clubs be sorted? Of course, if I add custom fields I would go back to categorize the pre-existing clubs, but would not want there to be a blip from a user standpoint in the interim. I assume the custom field in this case would be "text," correct? Thank you all! 🙂
  8. How did you create the categories menu item in the AdminCP? Does the clubs page now have a "filter by" option for users?
  9. I have a question related to this ... when creating the extra field "Category," is it a text field or one of the other options for field type? Once the field is created, will there be a "filter by" option on the clubs page? Thanks!
  10. No, that is exactly what I do not want to do. No user should be able to delete the first post in a thread, ever (thereby deleting the entire thread). But users can delete individual, subsequent posts that they created in the thread. Does that make sense in terms of what I am saying?
  11. @steve00 ... Yes, you have the right idea, and yes, that would potentially be very confusing! I tried to amend my request to that the original poster could *not* delete their first post if they are the creator of the topic, but could delete subsequent posts. For example, I start on post on "how to post on this forum." A week later, I reply to another users post. A day later, I don't like my reply - I want to delete that reply. A month later, I don't like the entire thread and who cares that 120 people have added to the topic. I go to delete the first post (thereby deleting the entire thread), I can *not* do that. That's my request 🙂 Does that make a little more sense?
  12. Lindy, Yes, I am considering it in fact. The challenge is -- our community is for the leadership of congregations (lay and professional) across North America. We want to assume a certain level of "trust" in our case - that is someone wants to edit something 24 hours later to make an addendum, correct spelling, whatever, that they can do that (as they can do on say, Facebook). On the other hand, to your point, I don't want someone to delete an entire thread, just "because." I think we are going to have to monitor this and fine tune based on user behavior and feedback (or pushback). So - if someone wants to delete a single post in the middle of a thread, I'm ok with that at least for now. But, as stated, I would not want someone who started a thread to delete the thread altogether. So, I think being able to delete a single post - even the first post in a thread that one started - is different in a community such as ours than being able to delete an entire thread. Another idea ... what if only admins/moderators can ever delete a first post in a thread, but users could subsequently delete single posts?
  13. I believe we want our users to be able to edit and even delete their own content. My concern is this: User "Alpha" starts a topic in one of our forums. Over time, 10s or 100s of replies accumulate from individuals interested and invested in the topic. For whatever reason, one day in the future, user "Alpha" decides to delete the entire thread that they started. I want user "Alpha" to be able to delete/edit singular posts, but not an entire topic - that may have been going on for years - just because they had a bad day, or whatever 😏 Could there be a way to set permissions for members to delete their posts, but not an entire topic? In other words, a bit more fine grain control over delete permissions.
  14. When creating a new recurring event, there is no option to specify an option such as "the third Tuesday of every month," or "the second Wednesday of every other month." Especially for club owners who are scheduling monthly meetings, this would be a very valuable feature! Being able to specify the interval of the recurrence would mitigate the need to manually add new meetings every week/month/etc. At the moment, you can specify an event takes place on the 15th of every month, but most meetings do not work like that . Anyone else want to second this request?
  15. I would like to propose a new feature: the ability to reorder the announcements in the sidebar. At the moment, the announcements are listed in reverse order of when they were created (oldest to newest), but there are times when a newly created announcement is temporally more relevant and should be highlighted. Thank you for your consideration!
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