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  1. @Matt @Marc Stridgen @Dean_ ... I sent another follow-up email to GIPHY support this morning, and lo-and-behold ... they approved the key! They did ask that I send them a video post-approval, but they approved the key without the video in hand first. So, no pun intended - some persistence may be key if you get stalled ... With the key approved, setup on Invision took about 90 seconds, including placing the control on the editor where I wanted it ...
  2. @Marc Stridgen That's what I'm doing! Is anyone else having issues? I am wondering if it makes sense to delete the current request and start over ...
  3. @Marc Stridgen ... just as a FYI update: As of today, the status of my API key request on the GIPHY developers site is still 'pending.' It has had that status since I applied for the key on April 5 (2.5 weeks ago). I sent an email to their support team on April 11, and was informed via email that they were forwarding my request to the "appropriate" individual. I have not heard anything from GIPHY since that time, even though I sent follow-up emails on April 14 and April 17. While I know this is not a technical issue with Invision (thus I have not submitted a ticket), if you have any direct contacts to explore what the issue might be, it would certainly be appreciated. If anyone else reading this has insights, I'd love to hear you ideas!
  4. I did not create a video -- I used the screen shots Invision provided as per Invision's guide. What is strange is that I contacted GIPHY support a week ago, they said they were forwarding my ticket to the right person - and despite two follow-up emails from me, I have heard nothing. It's a bit frustrating ... my status has been 'pending' for 12 days with neither an approval, rejection, or request for more information ...
  5. I submitted a request for an API key from Giphy about two weeks ago (April 5). The status has remained at 'pending' since that time. I have wrote to GIPHY support about a week ago, and they indicated they were forwarding the request to the correct individual. However, as of today, the key status is still 'pending,' and there have been no further replies from GIPHY. Has anyone else encountered this? Any thoughts on how I can garner some attention from the GIPHY folks?
  6. Well, while Win7/Office 2013 may no longer be bleeding edge - it is still supported by Microsoft (at least through January) and it is used a bit more than, ahem, Win98 😉. But, this seems to be an issue with Windows/Office across the board (at least on Win10/Office 2016). So, my point still stands 🙂. I agree that something strange is going on here (I am seeing this only in Outlook 2013/Win 7 and Outlook 2016/Win10). The emails displayed perfectly using the Gmail app on both iOS and Android. And, changing the fall-back font via the deeply buried setting in Word, sort of 'resolves' the issue at least ascetically. It is very strange, indeed ... and seems unlikely to be an issue with Invision. The big clue is that is some email notifications are displaying correctly in part or in whole (in Outlook) - there is a font substitution issue at play that is likely Office related (at least on Windows). My guess is that there is some 'break' in the formatting of certain notification emails and Outlook 'thinks' it needs to change the font. As an aside but connected ... since changing the fall-back font via Word, I have noticed other HTML emails (from our CRM system, and the Patch Management listserv for examples) that are now displaying in Arial and not Times New Roman. So, whatever is up - it's not *just* with Invision. I appreciate you keeping an eye out ... and agree fully this is very low priority based on the likelihood this is not an Invision issue, per se. (That said, I might still argue changing the default template font from "Helvetica" to "Arial," but ... yes, low priority!).
  7. Yes, yes, I know. I still have a Win7/Office 2013 system for testing purposes. (I am certain that I have users/will have users that are on Win7 and Office 2013 or earlier ...) The computer I am responding to you on here is a Win10/Office 2016 system. That said, I think this is an issue with Windows/Office not installing Helvetica natively ... and the fallback font is Times New Roman. Don't know about Office 2019 ... upgrading to that over the summer probably 😁. @bfarber ... I may take a look at the templates and replace Helvetica with Arial, but I would need to probably go through every template, and given what I now know is a limited issue (and not really an Invision issue), not sure it is worth the time. That said, is there a way of globally replacing the font across all email templates vs. one by one?
  8. @bfarber ... Not to belabor this ... but just as points of information: Same issue, same 'resolution' if using Office 2016 on Windows 10, the reason ... Helvetica is not a pre-installed font with Windows or Office, therefore ... Font substitutions are being made in the display. Why it 'works' in some cases and not others, I do not know ... but it seems that Helvetica is not a universal standard font. I can add this to the feedback and ideas forum as well - but I think it would be great if there was a control in the AdminCP to set the fonts for emails, or perhaps change the font to "Arial," "Segoe UI," or another similar font that is know to be included in most OSes? Just a thought/suggestion! 🙂
  9. In case anyone is curious about this ... I found the fix if you are using Office 2013: Open WORD File > Options > Advanced Options Under the 'General' category, click on 'Web Options' Click on the "Fonts" tab Make sure 'English/Western European ...' is selected Change the 'Proportional Font' from Times New Roman to Arial (or whatever you want). That is totally crazy, and clearly something very wrong with how Office/Outlook 2013 displays fonts in certain scenarios - but as the saying goes, Google is your friend. And yup, changing the settings in WORD makes the display in Outlook 'correct.' That said, however, the fonts are being coded by Invision in a way that there seems to be a 'break' in formatting between the upper part and lower part of the email notification (as per the screen shot which shows the transition to Times New Roman) ... but it's not in all cases. Of course, none of this will make a difference for any of our users using Outlook 2013, because there is no way that most of them are going to bother with this. But definitely an Office/Outlook 2013 issue!
  10. @opentype @bfarber ... So, I think this may be an issue with Outlook 2013 after all. Just sent another test message and opened it on my iPad and on an Android 8.0 device. Fonts were all displayed as expected ... no Times New Roman. So, good news is, this is probably not an Invision issue (thank you for making me think to test on something other than my primary email software), but now what the heck is going on with Outlook?! 🤔 ... Very strange, as I don't think I see this anywhere else. But, everything displayed correctly on iOS and Android, so there you go! Thank you both for your insights! Addendum: ... one more test that really makes this even stranger ... but really points to this just being Outlook 2013: When I opened the new test message in Outlook 2013, I see the same 'Time New Roman' issue as in the above screen shot. But, if I click on ' ... view it in a web browser,' the message opens up in IE (this is on a Win7 system), and the message displays with the correct fonts! So, all signs point to Outlook being the culprit here. Given that, I am going to move on, since there really does not seem to be anything related to the platform itself.
  11. Does it matter that I have not customized the email templates for our community in the cloud? I have not touched anything with the default email templates, and I do not have any custom themes installed (all the themeing in the screen shots is via the native controls/options in the AdminCP). Also ... the email screen shot is from Outlook 2013. The default font is set to 'Arial' for both incoming and outgoing messages.
  12. @bfarber ... as an example: 1) I create a private message and the font appears as it should - Open Sans: 2) When the message is received by the member when looking at it on the platform, it displays correctly: 3) When the email notification arrives, it is displayed in Times New Roman. To be precise, the upper part of the message is Arial or Helvetica, but starting with '2 members active in this conversation ...' the font is Times New Roman. No copying/pasting involved. This was typed in to demonstrate. 🙂 Other notifications (some digests and forum post notifications) are 100% Arial/Helvetica. This is not a new issue. I have seen this on our platform since February 2018 when we started our community, but I would like to try and figure this out as Times New Roman is not part of our branding framework, and I would love to not have to go through every email template to track this down!
  13. So ... when I look at the posts in question as they are on our community compared to the font in the email notification there is a mismatch. All of the posts in question sent as email notifications were in the native community font when viewed in the forums, etc., but can show up as Times New Roman in an email notification ... What else can we/I look at? Thank you!
  14. @bfarber ... Thank you for your response. But actually - I have removed the font-selection control from the text editor toolbar (as is the case for these forums). Our site default font is 'Open Sans' (AdminCP > Themes > Text > Body Font/Headline Font). So, while users can adjust font size and color, the font they enter in the text editor is only the default of 'Open Sans.' Unless ... the default text editor font is controlled from another place? (If so, I am not aware of where that would be!). Even if the text editor default is "Helvetica x," that would not explain why some emails come in as 'Times New Roman." Thoughts? What am I missing?
  15. Hive mind ... When email notifications are sent out to our members, the font varies between 'Ariel' and 'Times New Roman,' depending on the notification type. For example, digests are generally sent using 'Ariel,' but a private message notification might go out as 'Times New Roman.' Is there a way to set the font for all automatically generated email notifications? Ideally, I would sent everything to Ariel as that matches our organizations branding guidelines. Thank you for any insights you may have!
  16. @Joel R ... thank you for the suggestion! We actually use Zoom and sometimes WebEx, and could use the Zoom playback link, but we would like for everything to live as much in our community as possible (so discussions can live underneath the video, control our branding, etc.) - thus the question. Also, some of our webinars deal with sensitive/proprietary issues and so we want to minimize the possibility of unwanted access via a more public link that could be indexed by Google, etc. (Our community requires a login to see any content.) We may end up doing something along the lines you are suggesting at some point due to storage cost concerns ... but just exploring what our options are.
  17. Is there a way to embed an iFrame (video, etc.) in a forum post? I am looking for a way to include videos directly in my community that are too large to upload to our community in the cloud (file size limit is 511MB). Thanks for any insights you may have!
  18. Our site is replete with videos (mostly webinar recordings). We have a few that are over the 511 MB size limit. My workaround is to upload those larger videos to a GoogleDrive account, and then share the link in our community. It's not ideal, but it works. (Of course one downside is that the link to the recording can then be shared outside the community ...) Is there any possibility of raising the file size limit for cloud communities? Please ?
  19. So, there is indeed a 'bug' ... which should be resolved in the next platform update. In the meantime, if you encounter the same issue, you can temporarily add this to your custom.css (as per Invision support): @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { #elClubControls li.ipsPos_left { float: none; } }
  20. For anyone following this ... it appears this may actually be a bug. I submitted a ticket and Invision is looking into it. Will post an update here when I know more 🙂
  21. @newbie LAC ... Ideally, I would like to make the change via the AdminCP which is why I am asking if anyone knows whether Default profile header background Dark area background under Admin CP > Themes > Background Colors controls the color of the background as per my original screen shot 🙂. I may experiment with this later today or next week, but if anyone actually knows, that would be fantastic!
  22. I am guessing it could be one of these: Default profile header background Dark area background Can anyone confirm 🙂?
  23. @newbie LAC ... thank you, I appreciate the response. Since I am not well-versed in CSS, I am uncertain where this would go. If possible, as stated above, I would like to change this through the Admin CP > Themes > Background Colors. Do you know if one of the options there is connected to what you provided code for above? Thanks!
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