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Cannot login on mobile..


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Hello. I can not log in to the forum on any phone. Mine has an android. The forum has the latest version 4.3.6 and was installed from scratch and has not been modified. When I want to log in, I write with the wrong data and on my computer, my friends work all but you can not log in on your mobile phone. Previously, the forum was on hosting and domain and was the same problem. Now there is a forum for vps and this problem also occurs. Plugins disabled set basic theme.

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5 hours ago, bfarber said:

Jaki błąd pojawia się przy próbie zalogowania? Jeśli logujesz się do AdminCP i przeglądasz logi systemowe (możesz użyć wyszukiwania na żywo, aby znaleźć je na górze strony), czy coś jest logowane w tym samym czasie?

Czy przesłałeś bilet na wsparcie techniczne?

Well, when I try to log in on my phone, my own, my mom or my colleague, it says that the wrong data is 100% good. Everything works on the computer, on every browser. I looked at the system logs and it's empty. I logged in to the admin account and I made a new one and I can not log in on the phone. In the admin panel, I have the widget "unsuccessful administrator login" and there is no error that it failed. And when I enter the wrong data on the computer, then there is an error that the login failed. I did not write to the technical department, but I will do it now. Thanks for the answer! 🙂

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