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removing text "forum" from my forum

Graham Hartridge

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hello All, i am a noob and am wondering on how to accomplish removing some text from my forum , i recently deleted a forum on our site and the title "Forum" still shows on the page, now i don't know if this solution will require code removal , if so i guess the question would be where do i isolate the code to remove the text? then again i don't really know....

the attached image shows the text and a black bar behind it , i just want to get rid of the text



forums text.PNG

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Not sure if this will work for you, I wanted to erase a blurb on checkouts, that wasn't necessary, kind of redundant. So i looked for that in Locations / Languages / English / Translate / and searched for the word i didnt want to show up, and literally translated to a space ___ blank space, not the line, just showing the example.

Ok make shure you hit the little green save and should update. 

1. One thing to note when you search for the translations, it will show you pages of where the word Forums is used, and I had to click through over 10 pages to hone in on what was pushing the term. In some cases it is easier, but one word will show a search result of many links. You have to play with it till you find the one outputting on your page.

I just searched Forums, and as you see there are lots of keys, you kind of have to guess and change each one until the one you want disappears, then change the others back. Something like that.. you decide.


2. Also i suggest if you use translate to change things, make a text file documenting what you change, in case you want too want to go back to default terms. It is easy to forget, and then you loose the control because the search is not so friendly when you change a term.



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On 10/16/2018 at 7:53 AM, Meddysong said:

If it's the bit of text that I think you're speaking about , then adding

body[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsPageHeader .ipsType_pageTitle{display:none;}

to your custom.css file should fix it. Context is king, though.

What is this method called? I have been looking for more control over my site. Any links/examples on what adding these data-modules to css is called and how it is used, first time i see...



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