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Ckeditor Not Working?


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Hi all!

I've seem to run into a nasty error with the ckeditor on our website. Last night I was trying to install new buttons manually via FTP and I may have accidentally corrupted the entire thing in the process. I also made a slight mistake of deleting the entire ckeditor directory (parent folder in my File Manager) trying to install a new one with the plugins I need from the official site. I re-uploaded a copy of it but it doesn't seem to have resolved the issue.

This is what I get now in Editor > Toolbars within the ACP:


On the site, the widget seems to load but no toolbar nor textarea is present. Was wondering if anyone would know how to resolve this?


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1 hour ago, craigf136 said:

Last night I was trying to install new buttons manually via FTP

If by this you mean you weren't using the built in "Add Button" (see screenshot) functionality in the editor settings and were instead manually uploading the plugins to the ckeditor plugins folder and then editing the config.js to add them then that's were you've gone wrong.

Anyway.....try clicking the "Restore Default Configuration" (see screenshot)


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@Nathan Explosion I did that prior to using the FTP and it wouldn't take the .zip file, as what ckeditor was having us download the entire ckeditor folder and not just a single plugin. We were getting an error for it anyway, so I followed the user manual on their site for manually upload.

Restore Default Configuration has done nothing unfortunately. :(

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