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Import a domain name?

Kelsey Kelsey

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Are you using Self Hosted or are you using Cloud ?

If you're using Cloud (IPS provided hosting as such) then you need to submit a ticket in the Client Area for a few instructions/details on this as (iirc) your account settings for the Cloud need a small tweak to allow the new domain to function properly. A support tech will advise you on this, although you'll likley need to tweak the domain settings (on the domain control panel etc where you purchased the name from) yourself. Do not worry about this at this stage.

If you're self hosted, you just need to speak to your host if you're not sure on how to change it, or the DNS provider (where you purchased the name from, if different) generally speaking most hosts have a guide to explain this however.

If the above makes no sense or you are not sure:  please just submit a ticket in the Client Area and the support tech answering your ticket will be able to tell you what you have and what the 'next step' as such is. :smile:

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There is some information here too that may assist > https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/getting-started/community-in-the-cloud/using-your-own-domainsub-domain-r231/

If in any doubt, just stop and ask in a ticket in the Client Center, if the support tech cannot directly assist (such as its something you have to do at your DNS panel etc) they will tell you that. 🙂

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