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White site in ACP.


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Hi. I install ips 4.3.5 in my site and ACP didn't work. It's a white page. In the link is http://mysite.pl/admin/?adsess=ab1b7cad0904c69920fb9713c070283f&app=core&module=system&controller=login&error=NO_ADSESS&ref= . What is going on? I can not enter ACP..

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12 minutes ago, Adlago said:

You have two options in my opinion
1. Downloads your suite of files from the client area and upload all the files. Remove all files from the datastore directory and try to login to ACP

2. Create ticket support in your Client Area

1. Doesn't work.. In link i have http://mysite.pl/admin/?adsess=bc1ae35b4cacd156c0f4d52cf1e4d143&app=core&module=system&controller=login&error=&ref=

2. Ok.

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