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Hey Folks, 

A couple of years back, before they changed it, Discourse used to show detailed cross referenced thread info in the main topic body and right hand gutter of a thread.  It showed which threads were mentioned in the current topic and comments, and also showed the reverse - which threads mentioned the current topic or its  comments.

See below.



It was a fabulous feature and although I haven't shown this above, also rendered the same links in comments, allowing an intricate web to be woven. 

For quick fire forums I guess it would be of little use, but for more in depth forums having this ability would be great.

I mocked up similar this morning using IPSRules Application - just a simple object allowing the user to select referenced threads (see red text). It's not automatic or as visual as the Discourse solution used to be, but it works.



Be great to see if this could be integrated into core - not my hack above, but as deployed by Discourse.

I'd be interested in part sponsoring a plugin or app. should a top quality 3rd party dev be interested in discussing.

Many thanks



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Thank you @Joel R

I thought I'd seen all the 4.3 compatible plugins - missed that one though. I will speak to @Fosters - we are working on something else together already.

Here's how Discourse handles the posters meta. They put it at the bottom of the Topic, hidden under a reveal. Works well I think. You can also see the time line thingy on the right. This replaced the in and out indicators mentioned earlier.


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