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colour-coded Calendar events


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How about it?  Colour-coded events could be really useful if you're using a calendar to log different kinds of events, e.g. different jobs meetings for different projects, vacation time when one isn't available, and so forth.  Would help a lot to get a sense of things at a glance, especially if you're using a Month view and you could control the colour of the event bars in each day.  Hey, we could even get fancy and offer the option of listing a legend on the Calendar screen.

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Ok...now that I've tried this strategy: not only is this a long way around adding a colour-coded event to a Calendar, but it doesn't work!

I tried copying an event from Calendar A (purple) to Calendar B (green).  Copied event shows up green, not purple.

Even leaving this aside - what if users who want to create events with a certain colour code don't have access to the calendar with that colour?  And if it isn't a Calendar you want other users to access, well, now it gets pretty messy.  Right now the only way more than one colour will show up on a calendar is if you are in the All Calendars view, which simply doesn't cut it.

Kinda makes copying from one calendar to another useless unless the Admin does it all (and even then, anything beyond general permissions simply won't work).  So I think my original suggestion holds water.

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