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Moving Forum to Subfolder - Help & feedback


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Could someone help me with the steps to do the following ?

I have an ips installation in the root folder,   "mycommunity.com"
Now I would like to move the forum index to a subfolder:   "mycommunity.com/websiteforum/" 

Should I create a new installation and import the data using the importer ? or ..

Can I move the web data to the subfolder and change the info in the config php file ?

Any other option ?

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You can change the document root folder to use on the domain. 
Unless you don't have any content on the page, i recommend you to install it over and just download anything u can and add it to the new one. 

Domain                          Document Root
domain1234.com/***         domain.com

Not sure if this is working for; domain.com/forum/*** 

But why not: forum.domain.com ? 

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