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Pages field improvements – Ordering


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Two fields which could be improved, especially in regards to ordering. 

1. Image uploads


This is very basic. The most obvious flaw is that we cannot rearrange the images/uploads. If you need a new image at a specific slot, you basically have to delete all uploads and start over. Not very convenient yet. 

It is also not really made for many entries, but I have use cases where there might be 100 entries or more for a single field. And then it gets way too long – at the same time, the images are actually too small to clearly see what is on there for similar images (example: scanned book pages). I could imagine instead of the current view, I could open an “upload manager” modal, where I see more of the images, rearrange them easily and so on. The current view doesn’t even allow to open the image on click or hover.
An improvement in this area could even be a global feature, since multi-upload fields exist in different places. 

2. Database relationship field

I have ordering issues here as well. Again, there is no way to rearrange the entries in the form with the links:


The same problem occurs, when cross-linking is activated. The output for the crosslinks is just a long list of record titles – with no useful order whatsoever and no way to define a new order. Imagine I link books in a database to authors in a separate database and then 50 books are listed for one author. They shouldn’t just be random. They should be alphabetic by title. Other databases might need latest first, best-rated first and so on. I believe 3.4 already had options like that. 

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