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Blogs in Clubs. What am I missing ?


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Recently I added the blog functionality to one of my websites.

I prefer to have the blogs inside the clubs for different reasons. I created a blog inside one club (open type) and I thought subscribed users within the club would be able to create entries.  It looks like my users can't write entries, they can only read the blog and add comments, but they can not publish. 

I have been trying different combinations, but the only way to create an entry in a blog inside a Club is being a moderator. Being a member of the club doesn't allow you to create entries. I can't find any permission system to enable users to write in blogs that belong to clubs. Yes, you can allow users to create blogs, you can limit how many blogs they can create, you can even block them from accessing the blog application.
I have the impression that instead of creating group blogs in the clubs, the system creates personal blogs inside clubs that belong to the founder of the club. That would explain why only the moderators and admins can create content.

Am I missing something here ? ?
Help appreciated. ??

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