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would you help me?


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Template core/front/global/globalTemplate is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme


I upgraded and the global template gets this error.

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Like the message says: “The theme may be out of date”. If you had a custom theme, you need to install a new version compatible with the IPS version you now run. If you just had a modified default theme, you would at least have to restore the “globalTemplate”. This will delete the customizations you added, but the error message should go away. 

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28 minutes ago, Necati said:

Theme is original and its fresh updated to 4.3.3, I’m upgrading forum from 3.x to 4.3 everything works well but after a while (2-3) hour I’m getting this error

Do this,

In ACP, click on the Support link at the top. In step one, What do you need help with? Select the bottom option 'Something isn't working correctly' and click continue. That will clear out all the cache.


Go into your ACP: Customization/Themes and you will have a list of installed themes (in your case just the Default). Click on the </> Icon.

In the Template Tab, do a search for 'globalTemplate' in the Template Tab (core/front/global/globalTemplate),  and check to see if it is actually there.  If it is, make sure that it doesn't have an orange or red circle with an M inside it. If it does, click on the revert button (top right on the screen) and revert it back to its original.

If you still get the error, then from the Themes Page, click on the 'Add Theme' button (top right).  Select 'Manual Mode' for Theme Type, add a new name and then make that your default theme.

See what happens after that. If it still continues to happen after creating a new theme then I would create a Support Ticket as it sounds like a possible caching issue or a broken template.

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