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Emoticon manager requests to make life easier

The Old Man

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I know I've asked many times before over the years, but here goes, I hope these are sensible and reasonable requests...

  • Add simple toggle option to toggle open and closed each emoticon group in the AdminCP manager screen (like you can already with say forums and themes, to make drag and drop reordering easier, especially on smaller screened mobile devices.
  • Time and date options added to each category, when to enable, when to disable. This would effectively provide instant management of seasonal emoticons, e.g. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 4th July etc emoticons that make no sense to include in the front end emoji/emoticon selector all year round, lightening load times and resources whilst ensuring they continue to display correctly in topics instead of creating 404 errors if you delete them when out of season.
  • Export/Import options restored so we can easily share emoticons/collections in the IPS Marketplace and between multiple communities admins may own.
  • Ability to create a group without uploading an emoticon at the same time, so we can create a new category and move existing emoticons into it. 
  • Pagination adding to Admin CP Custom Emoticon screen, maybe with number of categories to show per the page. This would mean less scrolling and make reordering much easier for those with lots of emoticons and categories.

Many thanks!

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