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Guest Terms issue


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When you load a site, noticeably blinking Guest Terms. I did a benchmark test on several sites using which Guest Terms.

See snapshots of this loading.

1. Guest Terms are depicted


2.Guest terms disappear from the screen.


3. Guest terms are restored to the screen.


Please remove this issue. This creates a delay in the loading site.


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For this issue, I have not found a solution yet.
But after many tests and analyzes, I found the right place for this template in a global template.

Please, for the next release, place the code for this template in head before the includeCSS code.
The loading speed is improved by several points.

Here's a screenshot of what my head code looks like right now. Works perfectly and with a higher speed loading site.


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2 hours ago, Meddysong said:

I don't think it really matters, Adlago. Smart users are only ever going to see this bar once ?

Yes, it is. It is important for every site owner who uses Google ads. The value of ads depends on the speed of site loading. Measurement of this speed is done only as a guest. Then this Guest Terms is slow loading site. Every cent is important for these sites - is not it?

I do not use ads.
I only do analyzes and optimizations for a fast loading site.
Whoever wishes may use what I have written - and I write this after many tests and checks.

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11 hours ago, Tom S. said:

Are you trying to achieve the Guiness World Record for fastest ever loading website? ? 

Ha haa, no - Guinness Records and the like, I'm not interested, but just the right high-speed load. The software here is great - but some things need to be more accurately arranged.

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