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Just wanted to say thanks....(no, not even sarcastic!)

I've never had to troubleshoot a major time-sensitive issue on my site until just recently, while trying to run the final stretch in preparing my site for business promotion.  I have a fair bit of 3rd-party apps and plugins on my site (more than some, fewer than others!).  And yes, I did have the "too many cooks" warning running through my head last Black Friday when I went on a shopping spree, but chose not to listen and bought lots of the stuff I've wanted for a while. :rolleyes:

So eventually the time comes when something ends up conflicting with something else to break your site and you gnash your teeth for a while wondering what it could be.  Long story short, this was really my introduction to what for me was a lifesaver - the Support troubleshooter and its ability to disable everything and re-enable bit by bit, app by app, plugin by plugin until you corner the culprit.  Not big news for devs and jaded administrators, but for people like me who spend more time reading Schelling and Hegel than Stack Overflow and are finally forced to use it, it was a real eye-opener (and a new first-response as opposed to ranting on tech forums and waiting for people to not reply to you).

Anyhoo...it's times like this that remind you that, whatever tech mistakes I've made in the past (I've made several with lemon host providers), Invision is a quality product I'm proud to have on my site.  Perhaps the messages from people who want to migrate over show that more and more people are recognising this...?

For those of you who didn't bother reading and just skipped to the bottom....Invision ftw.

I'll even throw in a random Emoji: ?


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