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I will pay $25 dollars for a Google Search plug-in...


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...if it works the way I want it to. 

@DawPi already has this. It's close, but...

Dawpi's plugin basically overwrites 'Everywhere' site search with Google Site Search. I want Google Site Search as an extra option (actually, the default option, and right at the top) and still be able to select the usual 'everywhere' option if I want to. 

Why? Say I have a private section on my site which Google can't index. I know my search should generate results from both private and public sections. In that case, I'm better off with the native search. But if I know I'm only looking for results from public sections, I'm happier with Google. So I want to be able to choose.

I hereby promise to pay $25 dollars for this if anyone gets it onto the marketplace. If you wish to make a similar promise, go ahead.

Edit: I'm assuming this goes on the marketplace and you get lots of $25s. I'm not expecting custom development work just for me. Although if you want to make me an offer...

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