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Other way to reorder forums other than Ajax drag and drop?


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Hi, I've recently upgraded from 3.4.5 to 4.2.7. I have thousands of subforums and while it has been less of a problem than what I imagined to deal with them for 4.2.7 in terms of loading the forum index, etc. I've just run into a tricky one using the ACP. My forum has a deep structure with few subforums at the top levels, and most of them in the deepest ones.

Tonight I created a new subforum as a child of one the biggest ones, and when I went to reorder it, I got a nasty message:

"Request-URI Too Long
The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server."

Indeed the url I copied from the browser's address bar is over 10,000 characters. I have already opened a ticket with my host to see if the limit can be increased but I'm not feeling optimistic at this stage. (I think that apart from server limits, there are browser limits too)

So, my question is if any other way of reordering subforums exists (eg. query)

Thanks in advance.



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I guess that rules it out. :)If everything else fails I guess I will subdivide the amount of subforums I have under the same parent (in other words, create a few more parents and spread them around so they are few of them in each). Cheers.

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