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Ad block; can't get rid of double border at the bottom


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I'm trying to get an advertisement just below the page header. But unfortunately I get an odd double border at the bottom of it, and a bit too much space at the bottom too (it should be the same space that you see between the alien image and the top, so almost none). Don't mind these images, it's just a mock-up but whatever I put there doesn't change the double border and the excess of space at the bottom.



Here's the code I'm using:

	<div class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsResponsive_hideTablet'>
<article itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/Comment" class="cPost ipsBox ipsComment ipsComment_parent ipsClearfix ipsClear ipsColumns ipsColumns_noSpacing ipsColumns_collapsePhone">
    <aside class="ipsComment_author cAuthorPane ipsColumn ipsColumn_medium">
        <h3 class="ipsType_sectionHead cAuthorPane_author ipsType_blendLinks ipsType_break" itemprop="creator" itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/Person">
          <div class="my_text">Discover Our Advertisers</div>
        <ul class="cAuthorPane_info ipsList_reset">
            <li class="cAuthorPane_photo">
                <a href='https://www.google.com' target='_blank'><span class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_large'>
                    <img src="images/image0.png" alt="Some nice slogan here" itemprop="image"></a>
         <li><div class="my_text">
                    <img src="images/image.png" alt="Blurry slogan" itemprop="image"></div>
    <div class="ipsColumn ipsColumn_fluid">
        <div class="ipsComment_content ipsType_medium  ipsFaded_withHover">
            <div class="cPost_contentWrap ipsPad">
                <div data-role="commentContent" itemprop="text" class="ipsType_normal ipsType_richText ipsContained">
                  <img src="image2.png" alt="Website" itemprop="image">

Any idea about what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it was something trying to emulate a post in a thread (with the room for the user's avatar, and then the area for the post, because it was originally thought as an ad for a thread, not for a block. But since what I want to use in the middle is a javascript it creates problems when trying to post. So, I thought I should try as a block instead.

Anyway, I'll try that, and see how it goes. Thank you for your help.

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