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Any way to filter PMs?

The Guy

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I was wondering. Is there a way to possibly filter PM to to different user groups. 

For example. My site we may get YouTube celebrities, so in this case they go in a special group called Verified, which is a verified group of people who are famous and to reduce server overload I disabled PMs for this group so they don't get hassled by fans. 


Now my question is, I want my verified group to be able to choose who they can contact including other verified members, but as far as regualar members starting conversations with them it would be impossible.

Sort of like Twitter where you can't direct message a celebrity, but those celebrities can talk to whoever they want and verified users or web staff.

Any way of setting this up?

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Unfortunately not with vanilla Invision Community.  And as far as I'm aware, there's nothing in the Marketplace that offers this kind of functionality.  

The closest corrolary I can suggest is a Closed club, where each celebrity can control their own fan club.  A closed club will allow your celebrity to invite certain fans to interact with them, but post topics or images or events that everyone can read.  It gives them ownership over their own club.  

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