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Locale code confusion


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I'm trying to make my newly translated language as a default on my forum. Problem is that it's always complaining about unsupported locale at the server. I have no idea what & where to set. I'm running the test forum on my Windows 10 machine with US english default locale, running under Apache with PHP 7.2.1 etc.

What is the proper locale code for Slovak? sk_SK, sk-SK and others which work elsewhere simply doesn't in IPB 4.2.7. Even when setting en_US in the default English I get the same error.

Why I can't see the Set language as default option in my newly translated language? I want the coming customers to see the forum in translated language even when they are not logged in. Setting the langauge as default is only available to registered users in various groups in ACP, but it's not possible to set the language for guests.


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