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Gallery sets


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Application allows to set user's images to sets.
Creating set:

I press button "create", enter title with set, in window with my images in gallery (like attachments in text editor) I select some images.
Thats all =)

Set url is smth like: site.com/gallery/set/12-my-first-set/
Clicking in image goes to traditional view in gallery.

And common things like tags, comments, reviews, reactions should be too)

My sets should be displayed via tab in my profile.

In ACP I should be able to allow creating set via user groups, also have settings max of sets, and max images per set.


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I don't want to add new images to albums, I don't want see albums in gallery at all. I want to collect some of my images, which already are in gallery   in sets. I want see these sets only in my profile, in a tab. It should look like photographers portfolio in their profile.

Just click "create set" and select some images from gallery. Select already existing images in gallery.

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