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Amazon Aurora

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The concept looks good. But the cost could be a problem depending on how busy your site is. You have to add up the cpu, database storage, requests, and network transfer together.

For example, I run MySQL in its own container on a pretty decent $100 dedicated server along with the main web server. So I track all the statistics on what just what sql is doing by itself.

My Aurora pricing estimate was $300 per month.

I have 150 million database requests per month. The network traffic is also pretty chatty. I have about 200 GB per month incoming and 2,300 GB outgoing raw traffic from the sql server.

Also consider latency between where you’re hosting and the database. That has to be kept very low or page load speeds get long. I assume to use Aurora effectively you really need to be running your web server at aws in the same location - or at least somewhere right next to it.

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