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IPS 4.3 - No HTML in forum names

KT Walrus

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I see that IPS 4.3 is removing support for HTML in categories:

  • Categories in all apps (forums, gallery albums, databases, etc.) no longer allow HTML in their titles. This has been a concern both in terms of security and usability so we were forced to restrict it.

Does this mean that we cannot use HTML in forum names?

On my forum, I use HTML to show superscripts (mostly <sup>2</sup>). Could you relax this restriction in 4.3 before it ships?

Perhaps, you could specifically allow only formatting tags including <sup> and <sub>?

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51 minutes ago, Mark said:

Superscript two is a unicode character, so you could just use that without needing HTML :) 

Didn't think of that. Maybe this would address my issue, but it doesn't fix the need to be able to apply forum specific formatting to forum names. Maybe IPS could figure out some better way to for board admins to apply specific HTML formatting to specific names (kind of like the HTML prefix/suffix text that the admin can apply to member names in a specific group). I still like to be able to embed some HTML tags into specific name text when a forum name is displayed to the user.

Perhaps, maybe having a formatted forum name field optionally associated with each defined forum and keep the plain text name as you have implemented in 4.3?

I'd also like to have each plain text name have an associated lang key for the formatted forum name and use the lang key to retrieve the formatted name when the plain text name is shown to the user. It would be nice to have localization of all text shown to the user that is in their preferred language (including category and forum names).

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