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Question on different points plugin


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Hello Community,

I want to set up a way to give my members a bonus for certain actions they do like posting quality content, helping people or even giving them advice. Give them a credit if they earn reputation an, post a video in the videos plugin and similar actions. Potentially this even should be possible to exchange or "pay" people. At the very end the people should even be able to exchange their accumulated credits and either buy something in the download store or get a payout.

Now there are, as much as I see, three plugins.

Members Shop




and Points Economy



I am sure that points economy is very well code, but I bet to set it up correctly it needs days of setup for the rules to fit into a reals credit system for a professionals community and marketplace?

Has anyone yet tried any of the plugins or even runs some of them together?  

Can somebody tell me, as of his/her perspective which one fits best a large members bonus system?

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17 minutes ago, MarianHärtel said:

Thanks for the feedback. Yes the feature list looks good. I just feel what is missing is the equivalent to give points and exchange rate to Euro/Dollar amount, which people then could ask to withdraw and be cashed out?

None offer an exchange to real currency (such as euro or dollars) yet.  

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1 hour ago, Joel R said:

Exchange between your points system.  Kevin's app allows you to create multiple currency systems but no exchange to real currency. 

Ok thx than I did misunderstand his Concept Cash Screenshot which clearly show a $ sign and - I though - enables them to buy something from your store.

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