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  1. MarianHärtel

    Moderno 4.3 & by IPSMake

    Seems like this is not getting an update? What a shame. Money wasted. Not again a theme by IPSMake. EDIT they updated the seem, but is a lacking many features of other ones.
  2. MarianHärtel

    Sales Tax (Commerce Module)

    Hello Matthias, I actually gave away the custom solution for a larger sum to another developer now. I am still looking for somebody for the VAT solution, but as you are not developing anymore, I guess I just keep talking with the other guys, even though I would prefer a German developer who might better know the special issues with taxation etc in Germany
  3. MarianHärtel

    Twitch Login Method

    Not working on 4.2.8. As soon as you upload the files the Login method link in the ACP gives an Error 500.
  4. MarianHärtel

    Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. Maybe there is an replacement for the other one.
  5. MarianHärtel

    Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Adriano, I've found the plugin conflicting. Its the unread topic badge plugin. To bad one has to decide which one to use
  6. MarianHärtel

    Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Yes, I tried on default theme, not working. Also it doesn't show up in the activity stream (https://www.esportsbusiness.net/discover/). The "Sort by"-Option is available though. Strange. Likely incompatible and wasted 15 Dollar
  7. MarianHärtel

    Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Seems not to work for me. You get the "check" in the topic view, but the "Answered" sign is shown nowhere, not in the activity stream (actually the stream doesn't even update that one thing was checked) or anywhere else. See here (https://www.esportsbusiness.net/forums/forum/8-legal/) for example vs that the second post is checked (https://www.esportsbusiness.net/forums/topic/392-contracts-for-esports-player/?tab=comments#comment-2064) Any idea how to fix that? Or did I miss any settings? Also while testing I have encountered a small bug. If you check a post of a deleted user, the one who checks gets a SQL Error.
  8. MarianHärtel

    Raffles System

    wrong forum
  9. MarianHärtel

    Change Group in Moderator Panel

    Oh great. I actually own this, but I think when I bought it, you couldn't change it in the settings, which is essential because social login skips the groups selection the signup process Thanks. Great work.
  10. MarianHärtel

    Change Group in Moderator Panel

    I want to sort my members based on secondary group as a job/business description. Like they are X,Y or Z. I use your plugin to select secondary groups at signup, but I am looking for a way to give people the chance to change their secondary group selection if they change position in their company or anyting else (not the primary group though, which is changed only by group promotion). Would that plugin be usable for this purpose or is it really only meant for moderators?
  11. MarianHärtel

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Great. Same issue btw. with the Logs. It only shows points logged for Members Shop. WOuld be awesome if this is done for Points by Anatic too, though I guess this is not possible?
  12. MarianHärtel

    Lottery ( Members Shop Add-On ) ( Support Topic )

    Is it possible to set the size of the lottery? Like instead of 6 of 49 (which is very unlikely to win) to have a 3 of 10 or something like that?
  13. MarianHärtel

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Great. The whole concept is super interesting and I hope you have many more ideas for add-ons. Gladly pay more for a very well structured user system!
  14. MarianHärtel

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    ok, but that is pretty confusing isn't it? If members have 1000 points or so because they make blog posts etc, but that table shows "100 points from content" because they only post a bit in the forum, since Members Shop can only give points for forums.
  15. MarianHärtel

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    No, I No, I have it all 0 and only give points through Evox. Is this the reason? Because I also see no option to give points for a reaction?