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Designer Mode Feedback for 4.3.x

Pete T

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I am very sure that many designer have this issue with designer mode, let say i have 50+ themes in my Admin CP and only wish to update one theme in designer mode at the moment you need run designer mode wait to all 50+ themes synced and then can work on x theme, would be really nice have option to only run selected theme's in designer mode this would reduce the amount time take for all theme to sync, as when leave designer mode can select only x theme worked on reducing time take leave designer mode would be nice this option before and after :) 

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1 hour ago, TAMAN said:

Update your theme and then use "Sync from file system"


Now you can disable designer mode without syncing ;) 


Not that BEFORE enter designer mode to get the menu you see need Designer mode on yes and if lots themes take long time get to that point.

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45 minutes ago, TAMAN said:

oh! sorry i misunderstood

I have 4 themes only and and im already bothered by the time it takes to enable designer mode haha

lol just be nice have option in first menu click designer mode on the theme you need vs all themes need sync and don't worry was hard explain my feedback like see in 4.3.x or could be miss the simple and easy 3.4.x way.

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