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New Device Email & BBCode


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I'd like to make two friendly suggestions.

The first suggestion is in regard to the Send an email when a user logs in from a new device? setting, which is currently located in the Login Settings area of the AdminCP. I feel that the setting might be better placed in the Member Settings > Notifications area, where administrators can explicitly turn the feature on or off (as usual), and further force the user to have it enabled, if the administrator so wishes to do so. By moving the setting there, it would provide additional flexibility to end-users, since users could individually decide whether or not to enable the feature as they personally see fit. I bring this up, as I recently had gotten annoyed by the email since my mobile browser seems to log me out even though I visit the site daily on it (presumably since I am on the go using mobile data, where I am in different areas with constantly-changing IP addresses) , and as such, I am always receiving emails about "New logins from unrecognized devices". I disabled the feature for now, but I'd certainly enjoy the option of enabling the feature by default and allowing users to control the option themselves. Of course, another possibility could be to make the setting a per-group setting, where administrators could enable on a per-group basis and perhaps even choose whether or not it be forced.

The second suggestion is related to general posting and publishing of content I suppose. Although this post might be an exception, I am generally known to write longer posts and messages, and due to previous incidents throughout my life where I've written long messages and submitted them to be posted, only for something unexpected to happen (like an Internet outage, or some temporary server error), and as a result, all my work is lost. Because of my experiences, I've become accustomed to writing my posts directly from my computer in a local editor, such as vi or Notepad++, and when finished, would copy the content into the website and submit it there. Point being, that in case something were to happen, I'd have a local backup and at least I wouldn't lose anything. Traditionally, I'd format the post just as I would want it formatted, such as bold, underline, italics, headers, or whatever. This was accomplished with BBCode, but since the introduction of the WYSIWYG editor, it seems the ability to do that is gone (if I haven't mistaken, unless of course I were to use HTML, which is often disabled to people for security reasons). So on to my suggestion: if it is not already a feature that I have missed, it would be great to add BBCode support back alongside the WYSIWYG editor so that the best of both worlds is available.  Then I could write my posts/messages on my local editor, with the format that I'd like, and quickly get it posted to the site in question, without having to do the manual formatting after pasting it to the WYSIWYG editor. Never mind this, as it has been clarified that BBCode formatting is parsed upon submission or post preview.

Anyhow, no big deal overall, but just some friendly suggestions I felt I should share. IPS is a great piece of software as it is that I am otherwise pleased with, and I look forward to the updates that the developers push out regardless. :)

All the best and happy holidays,


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