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Reputation, opinions and thanks


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Please advise concerning the following in latest IPB:

-reputation system like we had in early versions (maybe that was a mod) where we can react separate post with up/down rep and explanation.. there is also ability to check full list (log) of reputation change; some kind of Trader Feedback System but for regular posts;
-in addition to the above - ability to limit number of rep changes per day, I believe it exists in current version;
-oldstyle Thank_you mod when post authors can get thanks from users. Another option here - hides with thanks, when you need to give a thankyou before hide will be available for you.


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48 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

You can get answers to these questions by going to Members > Member Settings > Reputation & Reactions.

You can set the number of reactions which each group can give: Members > Groups > [Edit group] > Social > Reactions

thanks, max rep per day found

others - still question mark (comment per reputation change + log; thank_you + dependent hide..

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