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vBulletin migration


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Just one question: when migrating from a vBulletin to IPB is the old database still usable by vBulletin?  

This is to know if I can, for a few days have both vBulletin and IPB that work in //   Or is the old database vampirized by IPB during migration?  

Thank you 

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Next question :

I'm installing IPB.

it ask me to creat admin count. It's the first member.

On vBulletin, the 1st count is admin too (i have 34 387 messages i don't want to loose that).

After migration, admin IPB count will it be merged with Admin vBulletin ?


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If they've both got the same email address, they'll be merged. However be aware that when an account is merged, it will not convert things such as profile fields or the profile photo for that user (since it assumes that the existing values higher value).

You could for example, just do the conversion and then delete the install admin account when you're done.

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