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Feedback on Profile Completion

Joel R

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The steps are pretty easy to understand in ACP.  


  • Not sure how to trigger Profile Completion bar on the front-end.  I filled out all of the steps (set all to voluntary) and logged in as a regular user (who had blank profile) - did not see profile completion bar on front-end.    
  • I can't reorder the steps.  
  • Since you're making the entire step required / not required, it might be useful to just toggle from the table.  


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It is definitely highly irritating that you can't use COPPA/Age setting and completion of the profile at the same time.  What the heck?  If COPPA is active, add the birthday field.  If it's not, ignore it.

Also, the GDPR seems to be saying COPPA-like requirements are set at age 16, not 13.  I think your system needs to be more robust here.

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