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Clubs Show New Content?

Michael Molholt

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I have my clubs displayed on my forum homepage, but my users used to have private sub-forums that accomplished the same thing. The feature they miss the most is being able to tell from the forum index that there was a new post in the forum, which they cannot tell with the clubs.

Is there a way to make the club logo on the homepage index be colored if there is new activity or greyed out if there isn't, just like a sub-forum does?


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Not sure if this one helps much, but I did read in this thread that they were going to add this feature into a future update.



We are going to add a feature to show Club content-areas in the parent applications. So you could optionally say "Show Club forums on home page" and they would show under any global forums you have and only show those the member has joined of course.

This will be in 4.3 so it will be a while. Clubs has a lot of places it can go :)





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