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IP.eCommercrce | Nexus - Restore Top Navigation 4.2


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Before the upgrade to 4.2 there was a navigation button next and previous buttons on the top and bottom of my tickets. Now the area has been removed at the top and only kept at the bottom. Ticket2.jpg. If I have a long ticket and want to go to the next one or previous I have to go back to the main listing of a ticket to go to the next one or scroll to the bottom of the page to click the bottom to get to the next or previous tickets. If you have a long ticket it sort of makes no sense to scroll down to get to the next or previous buttons on the bottom of the page. In Ticket1.jpg I photoshop the button back in. I would like to request to restore some type of top navigation of the ticket before the change, back into IP.eCommercrce | Nexus.

@bfarber Just thought it may be helpful, small fix.




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