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Grid View and Forum Descriptions

KT Walrus

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I'm creating a site that will only use Grid View for browsing topics. The traditional Forum View will not be available.

Because Grid View does not show forum descriptions, the user is left to figure out what kind of topics are contained in each forum listed in the sidebar.

I suggest you add some place in the UX to show the forum descriptions in Grid View. Maybe the sidebar should contain an info button by each forum listed. Or, maybe just a hover popup over the forum link? Or, an info button displayed by each topic in the list where it says "in forum-name"?

There has to be a good place to put forum descriptions in Grid View in such a way that it doesn't clutter the page but is obvious to the user how to view these descriptions. Maybe, a "show forum descriptions" toggle somewhere in the sidebar that expands/collapses these descriptions under the forum names in the sidebar. The default would be to hide descriptions and don't remember the toggle state for subsequent sidebar page loads.

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