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News Ticker?

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This seems like something that may exist as a plugin but, If so, I haven't discovered it yet.

Simple enough: I'd like to add a news ticker feed to our forum at the top and/or bottom of the page, essentially like a stock ticker. Ideally this ticker would have back end settings for what to track -- in this case, I'd like to track a few specific Twitter accounts and possibly RSS feeds. Each tweet or feed would link to the original source if applicable.

Options for the user to collapse or expand the ticker would be ideal. Limit guests to having the ticker display at all times unless they sign up. Possibly other various admin and customization criteria.

Does anything like this exist already? If not... could we perhaps make it happen? I'd be glad to volunteer as a guinea pig.

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3 hours ago, Joey_M said:

Perhaps @TAMAN will consider releasing his themes news ticker as an app/plugin?

Once upon a time I knew of three back in the early days of IPS, I even think @Mike John had one but it may have been another Michael. It's something I would love to have created myself!

Thanks for recommending @TAMAN! I'm about to drop him a line and see if he might be interested.

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